Ready To Walk Home, New Video, New Essay!


Jeni Hankins –

Enjoy this home video of my newest song by heading to YouTube!

I have a new home video for a new song.

I also have a new essay which you can read here!

Sometimes, I get really annoyed and bored with the digital algorithmic world because it feels like giant corporations are in charge of what we see and what we can even call our own pages or ourselves. There is an ad on my new video and I don't even know why or who gets the money (pittance or minor fortune?). I didn't choose for there to be an ad, so I apologize.

Have you ever noticed that my YouTube channel is called

I'll understand if you never noticed, why should you?

Have you ever known me as "UC6q6NO316a7sqyjT3nLp0oA" or do you know me as Jeni?

The reason why my name is "UC6q6NO316a7sqyjT3nLp0oA" on YouTube is because I can't have a custom URL until I have 100 subscribers. That means 
if I get 26 more subscribers my channel can be called

We can have a tiny revolution and oust 
"UC6q6NO316a7sqyjT3nLp0oA" in favor of "Jeni." Let's go wild and do this!

So, if you watch things on Youtube or even if you don't, but have a YouTube account, would you consider helping me change my name from UC6q6NO316a7sqyjT3nLp0oA to Jeni Hankins by subscribing to my channel? It won't mean that you get a zillion emails from me. It will mean that when I put up a new video, you'll receive a notification. And I hope that will be good news!

Love and Happiness from me always,



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