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Pictures Old and Torn. A New Song.

  A new song – “Pictures Old and Torn.” Follow this link to hear a home recording! And now, a story about waiting for songs and how it’s like knitting the heel of a sock.  Knitting is a lot about having faith – trusting the process. I just turned the heel on my first sock. I have this flat piece of fabric which I am making by putting loops of yarn on sticks. Until I made the loops on the sticks that piece of fabric didn’t even exist! But then this runic code, which looks like “slip 1, p2tog, p7 to 1 before gap, then p2tog, p,” chivvies me into taking this flat thing and making it hove up into the shape of a human heel. Extraordinary. I looked at the instructions and thought, “Just do what it says, Jennifer, and it will happen. The instructions wouldn’t be there and the finished sock wouldn’t be in the picture if this was all a great ruse.” I call myself by my long name when I’m being firm with myself. If you’d like to try the magic of sock-knitting yourself, there are many good resour

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