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Ready to Walk Home

  The old home place up on Smith Ridge. This was before the porch was enclosed to make the big living room. The kitchen was in the “little house,” as Mawmaw calls it, to the right of the porch. It think that may be my Aunt Bonnie on the far right. LISTEN NOW · 3:25 Press the Play arrow to listen to “Ready to Walk Home.” Thanks so much to so many of you for replying to  my recent letter about my Appalachian childhood  – radio obituaries, soap operas, and pineapple and cottage cheese salads. It’s good to know so many other folks kept their relatives company while watching  Days of Our Lives  or  Guiding Light . No one will be able to pull one over on us ever. We saw it all on the soaps when we were kids! The song I’m writing about today relates to something I said in my last letter about my grandmother and visions:  “Mawmaw could say that she had a vision as comfortably as she could tell you she was going outside to fill the bird feeders.” Just before Christmas 2021, my Aunt Katherine pa

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