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Patterns in Kensington and Patterns in My Fingers

  Hello Friends! I’ve had a very nice few weeks in London going to exhibitions,  finding a vintage dollhouse at the charity shop , and learning tunes on my banjo. Part of an exceptional crochet tableau made by Rita McGurn. On display at Tate Britain in “Women in Revolt.” You can read all about it in my latest article for  Modern Daily Knitting . My banjo is very special to me because I made it. It’s not the only banjo I play, but it’s the one I go to when I’m learning tunes because it feels like an extension of my heart. My Dad and I made our banjos together in Appomattox, Virginia, under the capable and humorous guidance of the late  Mike Ramsey . After my Dad passed away in 2016, I felt distant from my banjo and sad when I picked it up. I played other banjos in concert and learned a few new tunes, but I slowly let it drift out of my musical life. The banjo I made about twenty years ago. My Dad had its twin. I get to play his banjo when I visit my Mom and I love that. Though we made t

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