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February Round-Up

  My Late February newsletter from  Substack . These are letters from Jeni Hankins an Appalachian songwriter living in England  – writing about ancestors, found objects, sewing, hedgerows, and the pleasure of “a good quiet set of directions.” February Round-Up  from Jeni! Jeni Hankins Feb 28 Hello dear friends,  For many of you this will be the first time you’ve received my newsletter on Substack. I’ve moved here because I was having trouble with my old e-mail program which was sending my letters out over a period of days rather than when I actually said “send.” That wouldn’t be such an issue except that it meant sometimes news of concerts or timely events only arrived  after the event. Not great! So, here we are. I hope you enjoy this new place. You can “like” my letter by clicking the heart icon AND you can comment on my letter, too! I’m excited about the chance to have conversations amongst ourselves. No pressure to converse, of course. You can always write directly to me at  jenian

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