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One Third of the Way There! THANK YOU!

  View this email in your browser Jeni Hankins Born-in-the-bone-twang –  Sing Out Thank you! Thanks to your  orders  and  tips , I am one-third of the way to  recouping my costs from my latest recording projects ! Today is Bandcamp Friday where the folks at Bandcamp waive all of their processing fees, so it's a perfect day to  order my music . I would LOVE to complete my mission to reach $4200 to offset the costs of making my most recent song collections! I would be grateful if you would  order my music  or show your solidarity with a  tip ! To read a detailed letter about why I am asking for help, please travel to my  website . Since I sent my letter speaking last week, I've had wonderful letters in return which gives me courage to continue to ask folks to join in solidarity with me and  support my work . These messages reminded me that there are folks out there who want to see me survive and flourish as an artist! I felt very intimidated by my own fears and negative thoughts

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