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Watercress and Trombones

Housekeeping first and then a story. Tomorrow, May 1st, Bandcamp – where my shop lives – is waving its fee for all sales, so artists get all of the revenue from purchases. So, if you were hankering after some Hankins-made things from CDs to art printsto pillowst-shirtstote bags, and postcards, head to my shop on Friday, May 1st. Your support is much appreciated during these no-tour, no-gatherings, no-travel times. You can also find some of my favorite artists on Bandcamp: HungrytownAmber Cross, and Hania Rani.

I’m excited to report that I gave a mini-concert on Facebook Live this past Monday which I’ve beamed into YouTube. At the end of the set, I play a brand new song from my upcoming record. The set list is:  Tazewell Beauty Queen (kind of the theme song for these little shows)
Miner’s Reward
Jewell Ridge Coal
Coronation Day
Homecoming Queen
*Pretty Back Then* - a brand new song inspired by my high school senior photo which you see just there to the right. Floral pants (trousers i…

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