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Words and Wool

 Words and Wool Last week, I finished knitting my first ever human-sized sweater! YES! Two years ago, I knitted a sweater for Stanley Bear from a pattern which I made up as I went. Then I started knitting a multi-colored human-sized sweater from spare yarn, but I faltered on the final sleeve. My forays into knitting community chats have revealed that faltering on the final sleeve is a common problem. In fact, I found a vintage hand-knit Aran sweater at a car boot (flea market) and the right sleeve is a good five inches longer and much wider than the left. For now, I just roll up the right sleeve and look forward to the day when I feel confident enough to unravel it and knit it to match the left sleeve! Over the last year, I have been chivvied along by uplifting daily newsletters from the folks at  Modern Daily Knitting . So, I decided to wade into those tangled waters of knitting sweaters for humans again. I entered these terms into YouTube: “Knit a sweater in real time.” I scanned thr

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