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Curiosity and Skating Forward

Over the Christmas and New Year holidays,   I made pictures of rabbits and squirrels in wool   and I learned a new (to me) guitar picking pattern. I read books on knitting, indigo,   wild-harvested clay , and Cherokee history. I saw several art exhibitions from the paintings of Winslow Homer ( he can paint miniature water dripping from the fingernails of a woman rescued at sea! ) to the magical three dimensional textile forests of   Magdalena Abakanowicz . I didn’t practice any ice-skating. There aren’t tons of opportunities for ice-skating here in England. I saw the world’s tiniest ice rink in the center of Lancaster and it made me think back to when I was a kid in Boston and my sister and I took ice-skating lessons on Olympic-sized rinks. It was just normal for us and we didn’t even know how big that rink was compared to other ones or how marvelous it was to be able to go to a giant ice-skating rink all year round. That’s probably because we fell down a lot and I never learned to twi

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