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My Sweet Ohio

Hello friends, To hear this new song, follow this link . I wrote “My Sweet Ohio” many years ago after I’d read Grace Snyder’s memoir  No Time On My Hands ¹  about her life on the Nebraska sandhills living in a sod house. I remember when my parents moved us from New Mexico to Nebraska when I was fourteen and we nearly lived in a sod house! But the local school only had about thirty children all in one school room and my parents worried this wouldn’t prepare my sister and me for college. So, we moved into a 1930s house in Omaha with sidewalks, trees, and great schools. A sod house in Saskatchewan, Canada. Courtesy of the Internet Archive. I was sorry that we didn’t move to the sod house though the reality of living in one may not have lived up to my imagination. As a child, I had read all of the  Little House on the Prairie  books just as soon as my reading ability had allowed. Then there was  Anne of Green Gables  and  Pollyanna , too. All of these books had their own way of making me d

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