No Letter, All Request, Pillow Talk


Short and sweet.

Hi All,

I was beginning a new letter to you about my birthday (May 30th), minerals, and the intersection of time and timelessness when my computer flickered its last. My Mac is eight years old and has seen a ton of action, so I’m surprised I’ve kept it going for this long. Shortly after my laptop crashed, I knocked a large glass of water across my songwriting notebook and papers. So, Stanley Bear suggested we take our books and read under the duvet. He’s a wise young bear.


I will hope to write that thoughtful letter to you at another time because I fear it’s more than my iPhone and index finger can manage. But I can offer you a new edition of a mini-concert from my studio in Carnforth, North Lancashire, England, which I filmed early last week via Facebook live. This was an all request set which you can now watch on YouTube. If you have a request for a future streaming concert, feel free to reply to this email and let me know!


Also, if I’m not the only person with a birthday coming up, then you might think a one-of-a-kind hand-stitched pillow is just the ticket out of the birthday present quagmire. I’ve added six new pillows ranging in size and price from small to medium to my shop. Plenty of CDs, prints, purses, t-shirts, and tote bags in the shop, too!  The laptop fairy will be so pleased when the orders come rolling in as she’s had to empty every mattress and oatmeal canister today! Ha! 


You can find all Jeni mercantile here.


The littlest horse on the Shore Road, aka the eel walk, finally came up to the fence for a carrot yesterday. And the lambs are getting very fat and round-looking on all of the greenest grass I have ever seen. We are still in lockdown but as I’ve always loved listening to music, writing song lyrics, sewing Barbie doll clothes, and drawing pictures in my room, I’m glad to be safe and keeping others safe too.


Look after yourselves, back up your computer, don’t cry over spilled milk, but do hang up your wet song lyrics, and carry carrots in case of irresistible horses.


Love, Your friend, 



The littlest horse
after he ate his carrot.


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