Special Shop Day, Super Review, and Stanley Gets a Teacup


Jeni Hankins

“Heiress to the mountain music crown.”
— Sing Out

New review of Homecoming Queen
and a special day in my shop

Due to the impact of coronavirus on the work of music-makers, the super duper folks at Bandcamp are waiving their share of artist sales again today! So, if you are looking for a Jeni Hankins cheer up for yourself or a friend, today is a GREAT day to head over to my shop and pick something out! I'd be tickled to pieces, as Aunt Princess says.

I'm happy to sign CDs and prints – just let me know in the notes when you place your order.

A fan who ordered my handmade bag for her mother-in-law wrote, "We just received your package - thank you!!! It was such a delight!! The bag is stunning, you did an incredible job on it!!!! You are an amazing sewer!!!!"

And in his recent review of The Oxygen Girl, Tom Hilton of Aldora Britain Records writes, "The singer-songwriter of Appalachia has assimilated some of the finest qualities of English folk to provide a style that takes the best from folk music, both sides of the pond."

Thank you for your support!

Your pal,

Read the whole review of The Oxygen Girl here...

Stanley Bear says...

...it’s one thing to have a sip of your best friend’s tea, but quite another to have your very own cup of tea.

You can follow my adventures with Stanley Bear as well as my music-making and wool-spinning on Facebook and Instagram

The day I bought my first ever fleece from a local farmer!

This was a dream come true, but buying a Texel fleece from my local farmer was only part of the story. Last year, a terrific couple from England picked my house in Nashville out of the blue for their home for a few nights while on a big trip around the Southern States. They became fans of my music and we became friends on Facebook. When she saw my post about my fleece, she offered to sell me her under-used spinning wheel for a very kind price! So, off to Shropshire went Stanley, the Englishman, and myself to fetch this spinning wheel! We met some nice folks who stayed in my Airbnb and who had lots of great stories, and I played a few songs in their sunroom. 

The world can be very beautiful!

If you’d like to stay in my Nashville house, it’s available to visitors and my fans only need to write a note in the notes section when making an inquiry or reservation to receive 20% off your stay!


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