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Virginia Woolf & Thanksgiving Dinner

Virginia Woolf & Thanksgiving Dinner Self portrait with a Brown-n-Serve dinner roll. This past week, I saw the Wellcome Collection exhibition here in London on   The Cult of Beauty . One of the galleries focussed on mirrors. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget the obvious like there weren’t proper mirrors to reflect our faces until fairly recently in human history. “It was not until the 14th century with the invention of glass-blowing that undistorted mirrors became available, and then only to the wealthy.” ¹   The photo below is my reflection in an Egyptian bronze mirror from more than 2000 years ago. Self-portrait with an iPhone in an Ancient Egyptian bronze mirror. Unknown Maker. 800-100 BCE, Egypt. Bronze, Wellcome Collection/Science Museum Group, A634859.  Two other things happened this week which made me think about how we see ourselves and why the holidays can be a heightened time of seeing and reflection. Letters from Jeni Hankins is a reader-supported publication. To receive ne

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