The Wondarium


The Wondarium: A Musical Made For Kids

In this forty-five minute musical, sister and brother, Red and Yellow, discover a mysterious suitcase emblazoned with the word “Wondarium.” Inside, they find a menagerie including Hippo, Bear, Owl, Rabbit, and Roscoe the Rooster, plus a piece of string and two odd socks. Each discovery inspires a story and song which help Red and Yellow understand listening, friendship, teamwork, and the fun of singing, dancing, and playing with friends. With harmony singing, guitar, banjo, flatfoot dance, and the world’s best hand-puppet xylophone players, “The Wondarium” springs open to entertain children of all stripes and spots.

Most suitable for children from ages 2 to 10. But great for children and adults of all ages who enjoy inventive and colorful musicals. This show is lightly interactive with periods of high energy and calm. Proudly inclusive. Child well-being paramount. Dancing and singing from the audience is encouraged, but not essential. Children are encouraged to interact in their own ways and at their own pace.

Babies will be stimulated, but probably not overwhelmed, by the music which is acoustic. Older children will catch more of the story, but may find the presentation too young. If an older child is still crazy about their bear or doll and they enjoy music and instruments, they will find this fun!

Stage recommendations:

Suitable for small and large stages. Stage plot provided. Red and Yellow bring their own child-sized chairs.

Red and Yellow recommend a floor seating area with cushions, if possible, in front of the stage for kids and a seated area for parents, friends, minders, and prams along the back and perimeter of the performance space.

Two vocal microphones.

Two direct inputs (1) Guitar (2) Banjo.

One instrument microphone for child-sized xylophone. 

Stage monitors appreciated, but they need to be positioned so that the Wondarium suitcase can be seen clearly on the stage floor at center stage.

Stage should be bare of rugs so that Red’s dancing can be heard and seen.

Red and Yellow can present “The Wondarium” without microphones or sound reinforcement especially to small audiences.

If sound reinforcement is available, the dialogue of the musical is spoken off-mic and theatre volume voices are used when appropriate, depending on the size of the space. Songs are sung and played into the microphones/sound system.

For further information,

contact Jeni (Red):

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